Our Process

We like to gather all necessary resources before initializing the designing and developing process. If your problem doesn’t look like a nail we never use a hammer, we create a tool instead.

How We Work?

1. Groundwork

As soon as we get your requirements we fix a meeting to get an initial idea about the project goal and suggesting the best possible solution that will best serve the purpose.
We always offer customized solution to your needs. We aim to develop a good relationship with our clients by understanding their work and requirements. In first step, we get to know the objectives of the projects and question our clients about their other needs.
Brand and identity audit Technical audit Business analysis Search strategy Content audit User research Project planning

2. Development

An insight about the clients’ requirements always results into a successful and up to the mark outcomes. We cautiously gather all the essential information that helps in providing a customized solution to give a boost to the business.
We even take care of maintenance for free when you are busy in spreading your business far and wide. We keep in mind the targeted audience and analyze the content that needed to be integrated.

In this section, we discuss and decide the designing, navigation and other development related things, catering your needs. Once you give us your consent our development team transforms design into fully functional website by using the latest coding techniques and concepts. Sites developed by us are always compatible with all PCs, browsers and mobile devices.

Accessibility standards and W3C, WCAG Browser and device testing Social media integration Choosing Platform or framework Custom apps e-Commerce

3. Creation

We start to implement all of our creative ideas to happen as we experiment with visuals, colors, and language until us, quite literally, have nowhere else to turn. We pare down our ideas and concepts until we arrive at a few options that we fully believe address the needs of the project and will deliver the desired result. We then present these to our client, agree upon a solution and move forward. Creation covers the following tasks.


  1. a. Conception


We take utmost care in developing the visual solutions that will enhance the look and feel of the site for the excellent user experience. But at the same time we, also take care of ease of functionality to produce appealing and arresting reality of yours and ours conceptual ideas.


  1. b. Presentation and Refinement

Once we have transform the concept into reality  we are confident about, we then present them to you, for the feedback and suggestion if any, we then make amendments and tweaks if necessary. We continue to refine the concept until you are agree and give green signal to make the concept  a reality.


  1. c. Style Guide and Graphic Template Design


The style guide sets standards for fonts, colors, visuals and many of the other components streamline the production process and allow the final product to take greater shape even without final content.


  1. d. Content development


This means selecting final graphics and refining or developing other necessary visual and messaging components. Content development is when the true personality of the final product really becomes apparent.

4. Building

Now we have all the necessary information and resources to transform the ideas into reality. Sometimes taking ideas in to a real world may be a bit difficult but not impossible. However, when completed there is nothing better than seeing the results of this hard work as happiness and satisfaction on clients’ face.


  1. a.  Integration and construction


Our developers and designers set out for HTML slicing, animations and graphic production to make up the final. We write clean codes to give incomparable power to the website. In the graphic arena, this includes laying out all pages and beginning to produce the final product.

  1. b.  Content population


Now the final copy is completed, approved. We strictly adhere to the on time delivery of the content by focusing on our deadlines and strictly adhering to them.


  1. c.  Backend Integration (Interactive only)


If your Web development project involves backend inventory and or other engineering, we incorporate this step at this stage.

  1. d.  Testing


Once the final outcome is set to launch, there begins the testing phase to make sure everything is perfect. We follow a QA plan that provides us with a checklist to accomplish the task. Actually the QA plan helps us in eliminating the bugs if any and we continue with this phase until everything is OK and ready to launch.

5. Launch and Beyond

Once the QA process is complete we are all set to launch the website or the application. We ensure that our each developed product will help you in carving a niche and taking your business to the new heights. Maintain a website of an application is an ongoing process; therefore we are always there to help you to troubleshoot queries that you may have about the project.

. User Acceptance Testing     SLA (Service Level Agreements)      Training and documentation     Content migration         Hosted solutions       SaaS (Software as a Service)         Governance planning

6. Post Project Assistance

Now your vision is real up and running and ready to generate valuable leads. Maintaining a website of an application is an ongoing process, and here we won’t leave you alone. We will give maintenance for one year free of cost or till you want us at your side. Our team will suggest and serve you with best possible solutions to make sure that you get a good ROI.

Apart from this we will create and execute an Inbound Marketing System, including content creation, landing page and CTA building, prioritized organizational objectives and so on.